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Colchester East Hants Health Centre
Truro, Nova Scotia

The Colchester East Hants Health Centre (CEHHC), set in Truro, is seeking permanent and locum physicians for our Hospitalist program. Our program currently consists of four “full-line” and one “half-line” Hospitalist per week. The full-line physicians cover, on average, 18 patients per day and the half-line covers 9. Patients are of mixed acuity and variable diagnoses, providing an interesting and engaging practice. Our site is close knit and very collegial, providing ample support and an optimal work experience.

The workday for the full-line is spread over 9 hours, typically from 8am-5pm or 9am-6pm. The half-line physician is on-site 4.5 hours per day, but this may be split up or moved around daily to provide optimal flexibility for the physician. Our week starts at 5pm on Friday evening and runs until 5pm on Friday the following week. In this way, we cover 7 days “on” at a time. Full time Hospitalist physicians usually cover 24 full-line weeks per year, doing 7 days “on” followed by 7 days “off”. Part-time Hospitalists do fewer weeks per year (e.g. 1 week per month, 2 weeks per quarter), or cover the half line.

Remuneration is $1319.50 per day for the full-line and $659.75 per day for the half. Call is an extra $400 per night on a weekend or $300 per night on a weekday, plus fee-for-service billings for anyone seen after 5pm and before 8am. This translates to roughly $9,800-$10,100 per week for the full-line. The full-line physician does 1-2 nights of call per “on” week and the half-line physician does 0-1.  Call nights are determined by the schedule, but are flexible and often traded.

The setting for our program is the CEHHC, which is a friendly and collegial workplace where everyone actually does know your name. The hospital is the newest in the province, having been opened in 2012. In addition to several outpatient clinic spaces, the hospital houses a full time Emergency Room, 7 bed ICU, four Internists, four General Surgeons, three Urologists, three Paediatricians, and five Obs/Gynes. The building is featured in the first part of this short video:

Interested candidates must be fully licensed or be eligible for full or restricted licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, with training in either Family Medicine or Internal Medicine.


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Northern Zone: Colchester East Hants, Cumberland, and Pictou

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