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Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Queens Family Health in Liverpool is seeking a family physician to join this collaborative team consisting of four family physicians, three family practice nurses, one nurse practitioner, and one social worker. All team members work collaboratively to provide patient care and hold regular team meetings.  Physicians provide office-based comprehensive primary care, in-hospital, and nursing home care. Emergency Department coverage at Queens General Hospital (QGH) would be a great benefit to the community.  QGH is a 22-bed acute care community hospital that offers inpatient, outpatient, and community-based services and programs.  Queens General Hospital emergency department is open 24 hours, with 12 hour shifts.  
Our Community is safe, diverse, and inclusive, featuring people from all walks of life--tradespeople, artists, entrepreneurs, young families, and retirees.  Story of Doctors at Queens General Hospital
Payment for this vacancy is FFS.

Please visit our local website to learn more about what Liverpool has to offer:


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The best of the land matched with the best of the sea. Of anywhere in Nova Scotia, the Western Zone may best represent this wonderfully intriguing – and tasty – marriage. Between the countless lighthouses that dot the coastline, authentic fishing villages bring in their catch. And thanks to the valley’s fertile soil, and dedicated vintners, a glass of world-class wine can always accompany your fresh seafood.