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Halifax, Nova Scotia

The expectations required for this role:
The Physician Assessor shall act as the NSPRAP Clinical Field Assessor and is responsible for undertaking the clinical field assessment (CFA) of IMG physician candidates a competent, conscientious manner and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the NSPRAP.

As physician assessors, you will work alongside and supervise these candidates in family practice settings for a 6-week period to help determine whether they are ready to practice independently with defined licenses in Nova Scotia. You will be paid stipends for providing supervision and assessing these candidates. CFA practices ideally should occur in practices of two or more physicians, one of whom is identified as the Primary Assessor.  Secondary Assessors must be identified and willing to act as assessors for at least part of the time and provides back-up to the primary assessor.

The Physician Assessor is responsible for performing the following activities:

  • Provide an orientation of the NSPRAP IMG physician candidate to the clinical field assessment site including all available local and regional healthcare services.
  • Provide exposure to clinical situations as appropriate for the purpose of candidate assessment in multiple clinical settings (i.e. office care, hospital in-patient care and long-term care).
  • Assess candidate’s practice readiness at the level of A CANADIAN TRAINED NEW FAMILY PHYSICIAN ENTERING PRACTICE.  Assessors must become familiar with the CFPC Evaluation Objectives and Sentinel Habits and use as needed the training materials made available to them.
  • Assess candidate’s basic communication skills.
  • Record evaluation of the IMG physician candidate’s performance on the applicable reporting forms during the CFA. 
  • Submit evaluation reports at the end of 3 weeks (mid-point) and 6 weeks (final). All evaluation reports (i.e. field notes) are to be sent into the Clinical Director NSPRAP at the conclusion of the CFA accompanying the final evaluation report.  A decision as to whether the candidate is deemed practice-ready will be made by the NSPRAP Recommendations Committee. 

Remuneration:  There is remuneration associated with this role for the six weeks the candidate is placed with you. For the assessment and supervision of IMG physician candidates, you will be compensated at the MSI hourly rate for 2 hours per work day, plus an additional 2 hours per week to provide supervision when on-call, plus an additional 2 hours per week to provide daily feedback and complete daily evaluation forms and 2 hours to complete the mid-point and final evaluations.  Assessors can also bill for patients seen by the IMGs because they are being supervised by assessors who remain the most responsible physician in the provision of care. 

Training Stipend: A mandatory training course for primary assessors will be provided. You will be compensated at the MSI hourly rate to attend 1-2 days of training.  This training in assessment can also be generalized in the assessment of undergraduate and post graduate students. Training can also be claimed for Mainpro continuing learning credits.

Qualifications: All assessors must hold a full license with no restrictions or conditions and have been in active clinical practice for at least five years if a Primary Assessor and at least three years if a Secondary Assessor.   All assessors must be approved by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia.

How to apply: Please contact Dr. Fiona Bergin at or Gwen MacPherson at

Find more information about the Practice Readiness Assessment Program by following the link:


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