“There are lots of wonderful communities that are waiting to welcome and embrace physicians.”

If you ask Cheticamp’s “town doctor” Dr. Michel Chiasson his favourite part about working and living as a physician in Nova Scotia, his reply will be lengthy.

After attending medical school and completing residency at Dalhousie University, Dr. Chiasson moved to Montreal before joining a collaborative practice in rural Nova Scotia. He says the scope of practice that a rural environment offers a physician is ideal for broadening their experience.

“None of our physicians are isolated. There is a lot of opportunity to work with teams.” The degree of collaboration between his colleagues and specialists, nurses, and other health care providers in a variety of different places makes for a rewarding career.

“Just because I’m a rural doctor, doesn’t mean that’s my only hat.” He believes that physicians can still be involved provincially, nationally, academically, in research, and in many other ways – and still be a country doctor. Dr. Chiasson’s involvement with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia and with Doctors Nova Scotia is evidence of this.

When he isn’t working at his practice or providing care in his region, you can find Dr. Chiasson, his wife, and his three children embracing small town luxuries. Dirt-biking, paddle-boarding, having bonfires on the nearby beach, and eating delicious east coast seafood are some of the many ways his family enjoys their safe community. They are also avid travelers and he insists that he never feels “stuck” in their beloved corner of Nova Scotia.

“For my family, living in the country allows me to give them the best of both worlds.”

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