I’m so glad we moved here. The hardest part about moving to Nova Scotia is figuring out which community you want to live in…there is so much variety out here!

As a diplomat’s daughter, Dr. Sarah Tennant has lived many places. Born in Ottawa, she grew up in Tokyo, Chicago, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver. Despite her extensive travels, Dr. Tennant picked Nova Scotia to call ‘home.’

Dr. Tennant completed her medical doctorate at the University of British Columbia as part of the second cohort in the Northern Medical Program in Prince George, BC. After medical school, she decided to experience the East Coast and completed her family medicine residency training in Prince Edward Island.  While there, she fell in love with the East Coast of Canada.

Although she completed her third year of residency in Kingston, Ontario, Dr. Tennant always knew she would return to the East Coast. After traveling around the Maritimes and talking to different physicians, she found her dream community and practice in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Today, Dr. Tennant is an Emergency Physician at the South Shore Regional Hospital (SSRH) in Bridgewater. She also occasionally picks up shifts at other nearby emergency rooms and hospitalist work at SSRH. “I find it’s a nice mix”, says Dr. Tennant. “I feel lucky to have found a place where I can have balance and practice emergency medicine and hospitalist work.”

She says the community has everything she could want, including surfing, an hour from an international airport, lakes, great cycling, and lots of outdoor activities. When asked what she likes most about living in Nova Scotia, she says “being so close to the ocean!”

Dr. Tennant enjoys the collegial environment within her local network of physicians. “I am supported by my co-workers, and I like how I know all the specialists in my community. We work together as a group”, notes Dr. Tennant.

She also appreciates the quick commute to the hospital. Her commute is 25 minutes by bike, but when on call, she gets to the hospital in less than 10 minutes by car. “I live 6km from work and right on the rails for trails”, says Dr. Tennant. “I like to keep active and feel lucky that I can use the trail to get to work.” Sometimes she will even snowshoe or cross-country ski to work!

Dr. Tennant enjoys a busy, fun life in Bridgewater. “My kids are happy at school and have found activities they enjoy, including highland dancing and soccer,” she says. “Thanks to the fact that Nova Scotia is more affordable, my husband is a stay-at-home dad with lots of hobbies and I don’t feel I have to work non-stop,” explains Dr. Tennant.

In her spare time, Dr. Tennant and her family take full advantage of the many fun things to do in Nova Scotia. “I love how weekend adventures are at our fingertips,” she says.  

“I think if someone is considering a move to Nova Scotia, they should do it!”, says Dr. Tennant.  “I’m so glad we moved here. The hardest part about moving to Nova Scotia is figuring out which community you want to live in…there is so much variety out here!”

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